• Canadian Pigeon Fancier's Association

The Canadian Pigeon Fancier’s Association

Who are they?

They are present everywhere in Canada; they come from all walks of life, men, women, of all ages and professions. Our organization consists of approximately 500 members and we welcome anyone who is interested in this fascinating bird to join us.

Whoever joins our ranks receives our quarterly magazine and an annual calendar. These are high quality products prepared by CPFA volunteers. The magazine allows you to follow important events in our community, to be informed by interesting articles and to access the list of fanciers that are offering pigeons to other members, what we call the Breeder’s Directory. You are also listed on our online Directory, (if you wish) where members can be informed about each other breeds and location. Very handy for establishing contacts.

CPFA members also benefit of a preferential price on the purchase of annual bands.

By becoming a member you also help the hobby. Your support is important for the CPFA and allows us to better fulfill our mission and objectives.

Our Constitution defined members as follows:

Any individual or group interested in PIGEONS, and agreeing to abide by the CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS of the ASSOCIATION, shall be eligible for membership under the following categories, subject to acceptance by the ASSOCIATION of an application for membership and payment of the applicable annual membership fee:

  1. Adult membership: any individual natural person eighteen years of age or older;
  2. Junior membership: any individual natural person under the age of eighteen years may qualify for full membership;
  3. Family membership: all members of one family of natural persons are entitled to all rights and privileges of the ASSOCIATION except that they shall collectively have one vote and shall receive one copy of any MAGAZINE published by the CPFA;
  4. Affiliated club membership: any club or association devoted to the breeding, flying or exhibiting of PIGEONS may become a MEMBER with all privileges except voting, by applying for membership and paying a fee.

This last category benefits from the possibility of obtaining customized CPFA bands under the name of their own clubs. In addition, their names and data are published on our website.