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NEW:  The 2017 Membership & Band Order Forms are now available

The new 2017 CPFA Membership Form and Band Order forms are now available on the website. Go to the menus on the left side: for English go to "Bands & Membership" --> "Pigeon Band Order Form". For French go to "Bands & Membership" --> "Baques et adhesion" --> "Achat des baques".

Please note that the Membership form and the Band Order form has been simplified and incorporated all on one form this year. 

Also please note that due to the fact that the CPFA has not increased membership fees or band prices for quite a while, 2017 is the year in which both of these costs have increased. The CPFA Board feels that the costs are still reasonable and fair, and are still a good deal when compared to many other Pigeon organizations.

And lastly, please note that Steve Wallace is now the CPFA Band Secretary, not Bob Rodgers! Steve's complete contact information is on the new form, so please make note of it. We'd like to thank Bob for his service as Band Secretary over the last year and a half (which he took on basically because no one else had the time, or wanted, to do it), and we'd also like to thank Steve for taking on this role now! Remember, it is important to thank the people who volunteer to do these types of jobs because sometimes the jobs are more difficult than expected, and we do everything on our own "free time", which is just as limited as your free time!  

Remember:   All CPFA memberships expire on December 31st of each year! So please be sure to renew your membership in the latter part of each year for the forthcoming year, or as early as possible in the new year, to avoid missing any Issues of the News on the Wing bulletin, or the annual CPFA Calendar, and to maintain all of the other perks of membership including your ability to purchase leg bands at the very favourable member’s prices, etc.

UPDATED:  2016 CPFA National "Classic" Show

Hosted by The Sarnia Pigeon and Poultry Club
in Sarnia, Ontario
February 4-5, 2017 

Contact Gary Parsons for more information

The Judges are John DeCarlo Jr., John Manckia, Art Pamplona, Jeff Wosniak, & John Hoekstra 

Participating Specialty Clubs are:  *Canadian Helmet Club*  *Canadian Indian Fantail Club*     *Canadian Jacobin Club*  *Canadian Roller Club*  *Canadian National Pouter and Cropper Combine*  *English Trumpeter Club of Canada*   *Homer Club of Canada*

Click here for more details....

NEW:  2017 CPFA National "Classic" Show

Hosted by The Vancouver Poultry and Fancy Pigeon Assoc.
at the Abbotsford Ag-Rec Building
November 3-5, 2017

Contact Keith Biggs for more information:

email: info@vancouverfancypigeon.ca 

VP&FPA website: http://vancouverfancypigeon.ca/

More details coming soon....

Photos from Recent Shows

Fantail Club Show - Feb 2016
Sarnia Show - Jan 2016
Specialty Breeders Show - Nov 2015

Reporting Lost & Found Pigeons        

Please provide the following information.

Your location and contact information.
Complete band info (all letters and numbers).

For example : CPFA 15 BD 399

report all CU, AU, and IF banded birds to the
Canadian or American Racing Pigeon Unions.

To email the ( CPFA's Band Secretary click here )

Please do not report birds that have not been caught, we can help only if the bird has been caught.
For more details visit our lost and found pigeon care page here.     

Discover - The Secret Life of Pigeons

This "Nature of Things" documentary was first aired Thursday, November 20, 2014 on CBC-TV In case you missed it here is the link  You'll find more related information on the same page.




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