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Important Notices

The CPFA regrets to inform all our members and friends of the passing of R.D. “Bob” Jones of Yorkton, Saskatchewan  ( February 12 th ). 

CFIA April 24 Update on Ontario Avian Influenza
Quarantine all premises with pigeons. Click Here
Brief Note: Avian Influenza in Pigeons and Doves
Click Here

Within the Avian Influenza Control Zones, there is no movement of pigeons allowed, unless with a licence issued by the CFIA because pigeons are defined as poultry. The boundary of the Avian Influenza Control Zone covers a 10km radius from the poultry farms confirmed to be infected with avian influenza, located in Oxford County, west of Woodstock, Ontario.

  Notice –  Band & Membership Ordering

Please be advised that Friday March 20 th was the last day to mail orders for bands and membership from Yorkton Saskatchewan. New Band Order and Membership forms have been posted to the site. We hope to have online ordering going as soon as possible but it may be a while yet. In the mean time mail order and payment by cheque or money order is your best option.
Please contact Robert Burn if you have any questions. 
We ask for your cooperation in the process.
Please - help spread the word and try to get the old forms out of circulation.

Results from Sarnia's 100
th Anniversary Show

Congratulations to Clint Robertson for capturing top honours of both the Sarnia and Canadian Jacobin Club's awards at this special event.  An awesome looking Yellow Jacobin yearling got the nod from a panel of 3 judges over Guido Madrusan's Yellow Komorner Tumbler Hen that finished a close 2nd in the Parade of Champions.  Click the link below for photos and more info.

http://pigeonfanciers.ca/SiteDocuments/Sarnia 100th.pdf 

A file has been started with Pictures and information from this special event - if you want to add to it just forward your pictures and comments to the editor and include "show report" in the subject line. We can do this for any club of our member clubs or shows - contact us for more info.  

New Video on 2015 Grand National Show

The LAPC did an amazing job hosting the latest US Grand National show and their efforts continue. This latest video featuring great pictures of many of the 300 breed champions along with a mini documentary of the entire event are available on Youtube and as a set for purchase on DVD. Personally speaking this show and the week that followed - form the greatest single experience I've ever had as a pigeon fancier. It really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities our hobby presents. We are globally connected by our common interest and appreciation for pigeons and the world is our playground. Efforts such as these videos are great tools fanciers anywhere can use to help promote and expose the hobby to new people. I hope you enjoy the videos - share them - and if you can support the LAPC by purchasing a copy. R.Burn

Discover - The Secret Life of Pigeons

This "Nature of Things" documentary was first aired Thursday, November 20, 2014 on CBC-TV In case you missed it here is the link  You'll find more related information on the same page.




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